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Dialog w restauracji po angielsku

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In a restaurant - dialog

Waiter: Good evening. May I help you?
Mr Smith: Good evening. I booked a table yesterday. My name is John Smith.
Waiter: That's right. This way, please. Here is your table.
Mr Smith: Thank you.

Waiter: Can I take your order?
Mr Smith: Yes, I would like a mixed salad for a start.
Waiter: And what would you like for a main course?
Mr Smith: Pancakes with spinach would be nice.
Waiter: Would you like anything to drink?
Mr Smith: I would like a glass of wine.
Waiter: White or red?
Mr Smith: White.
Waiter: How about dessert?
Mr Smith: Let me see... Maybe a piece of cheesecake with chocolate sauce.
Waiter: Is that all?
Mr Smith: Yes.

Mr Smith: Excuse me, may I change my order?
Waiter: Yes, sir. What would you like to change?
Mr Smith: Instead of pancakes I would like deep fried chicken wings with thai sauce.
Waiter: With rice or French fries?
Mr Smith: French fries, please.
Waiter: Can I bring you anything else?
Mr Smith: No, that's all.

Waiter: Did you enjoy your meal, sir?
Mr Smith: Actually... The salad was fine but I didn't like the main course.
Waiter: I'm very sorry. What was wrong with the food?
Mr Smith: The chicken wings were too spicy. Besides, I ordered French fries and I got

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