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Opis charakteru po angielsku

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"gliniane, szczelnie zamknięte naczynie", "tajemniczego naczynia", "co znajduje się w pu...
homo sapines • 2016-06-23 05:46:46
Pabelski94 • 2016-06-14 13:28:38
W zdaniu; "Proces sterowania natężeniem prądu w kolektorze przy pomocy niewielkiego pr...
Komp20000 • 2016-06-14 12:30:45
Szkoda, ze w szkołach uczą nas kronik kogoś takiego jak Gall. Człowiek o którym wiado...
Pako • 2016-06-13 18:29:53
@ Kamil - dziękujemy za zwrócenie uwagi!
ADMIN • 2016-06-16 09:49:23

Język polski


Opis charakteru po angielsku

– cierpliwy
disciplined – zdyscyplinowany
to get bored – nudzić się
to have got a lot in common – mieć wiele wspólnego
both – oboje
together – razem
a friendship – przyjaźń
to last forever – trwać wiecznie

Description of personality (2)

I have known Maria since 1999. During this period, we have worked closely together on several projects. My most recent association with her has been the language course for teenagers, where we were the coordinators.

Maria is absolutely dedicated to her work. She speaks fluently three languages - English, French and Spanish. Currently she frequents Italian language school, where she develops her linguistic skills. She is a very reliable and well-organised person and gives an impression of being a perfectionist, which may sometimes annoy her collaborators.

As a team member, Maria is sensitive to the views of other people. However, she likes to be on a position a leader and has a tendency to dominate. That makes her sometimes difficult to work with, but on the other hand she could be good at managing people.

Maria is generally a sociable and friendly person. She also has a positive outlook on life, which appeals to most people. She is very dynamic and

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